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Increased global risk for poultry production from bird flu this year – Bord Bia
Amy Forde
Europe’s market conditions remain positive, but the industry faces pressure from rising imports, especially increased chicken imports from the Ukraine which 'rose significantly' in 2023.
Egg farmers warned about danger of conflicting carbon counting methods
1 May 2024 Poultry
Egg farmers warned about danger of conflicting carbon counting methods
EU plans to ban imported feed grown on deforested lands will help retailers meet their carbon footprint targets, but will not help the farming sector meet its Government emissions target.
Largest egg producer in US culls 1.5m birds due to bird flu
3 April 2024 News
Largest egg producer in US culls 1.5m birds due to bird flu
One of the Unites States' largest egg producers has had to cull over 1.5m birds as a result of bird flu.
Industrial emissions directive targets small poultry and pig farmers - IFA
Without an amendment, the directive would bring very small pig and poultry units into a scenario where they needed a full EPA licence, the IFA warned.
15 February 2024 Poultry
Biosecurity in broiler and layer flocks – prevention is better than outbreaks
Dr Carla Gomes, Animal Health Ireland, takes a look at biosecurity issues in poultry flocks.
17 December 2023 Poultry
Positive outlook for poultry markets in 2024
Peter Duggan, Bord Bia poultry markets specialist takes a look at global poultry market and what the outlook for 2024 is like.
13 December 2023 Poultry
Ireland’s poultry sector commits to lowering emissions in new roadmap
The roadmap also states that a priority for the poultry sector will be to work with Bord Bia to further develop its carbon footprinting model.
1 December 2023 Poultry
€40m for Dutch poultry business to hatch female-only chicks
This funding will propel the expansion of 'Ella', which is a fast and accurate technology to determine the sex of hatching eggs at an early stage.
4 November 2023 Poultry
Gene-edited hens immune to bird flu – ICL research
Hens with resistance to bird flu could soon be available for UK poultry growers following recent research.
28 October 2023 Poultry
Poultry farmer views: 'I'm selling a product at a price that has a margin'
Rachel Donovan spoke to a number of broiler farmers at a conference in Limerick last week who were positive about the industry.
4 October 2023 News
Poultry farmers warned of break-ins by animal rights activists
A broiler conference in Limerick heard about break-ins on chicken farms by animal rights activists.
4 October 2023 News
Broiler production the 'most carbon-efficient' farming
Speaking about the low carbon footprint associated with broiler production in Ireland, Alltech's Paula McCooey said that farmers must know what their baseline is in order to track improvements.
4 October 2023 News