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Further recall of chicken due to potential salmonella presence
Amy Forde
This latest recall comes after eight poultry farms were found to have tested positive for salmonella earlier this week.
30 January 2023 Poultry
Eight poultry flocks test positive for salmonella
All of the affected poultry flocks have been restricted by the Department of Agriculture.
24 January 2023 News
Out-of-date chicken recalled in supermarkets
The chicken was sold fresh, but the pathogen salmonella typhimurium was detected.
Egg prices rise for consumers but not farmers
Egg producers claim they are not seeing the egg price increases promised when they stood down protests last year.
20 January 2023 Poultry
Flock of 750,000 hens culled as bird flu ravages Czech Republic
The avian influenza outbreak involves a large poultry farm in the Tachovsk region of the Czech Republic.
4 January 2023 Poultry
Egg farmers await price increase from SuperValu
Egg producers are awaiting a price increase to be passed back by SuperValu, following their protests at a number of supermarkets in October, according to the IFA.
28 December 2022 Poultry
Keeping bird flu away from poultry farms
Autumn and winter have always been the worst time for Bird Flu outbreaks but this seems to have changed in 2022 with earlier and more wild bird cases, writes Teagasc poultry adviser Rebecca Tierney.
14 December 2022 Poultry
Over 700,000 turkeys to be killed this week
Despite bird flu fears, the majority of turkey growers have reached the point where their produce will now be slaughtered and processed for the Christmas market.
13 December 2022 Poultry
British turkeys ‘dropping like flies’ as bird flu ravages sector
The UK parliament heard a special inquiry into the impact avian influenza is having on its poultry sector on Tuesday.
30 November 2022 Poultry
‘Extremely’ stressful time for poultry farmers - IFA
The IFA poultry chair has appealed to “act responsibly in their pricing policy” at time when farmers are experiencing an ongoing bird flu risk.
24 November 2022 Poultry
The Soden Free Range kids
The Soden family have a truly egg-citing household with four children between the ages of nine and 12. They tell Sarah McIntosh about their 55,000 hens and life in the countryside.
23 November 2022 Poultry
Bird flu confirmed in second turkey flock in Monaghan
Stringent biosecurity remains key to protecting poultry and captive bird flocks from disease, the Department has said.
22 November 2022 Poultry