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Protesting poultry farmers: ‘we’re still here and we’re not leaving’
Barry Murphy
Poultry farmers partaking in the IFA’s protests at Aldi and Lidl in Cavan town remain on Friday with plans to stay put into the weekend.
29 September 2022 Poultry
Aldi ‘extremely disappointed’ with protesting egg producers
IFA poultry committee vice-chair Brendan Soden says retailers “dictate what everybody else gets down the supply chain” and warned that the protests will continue through the night.
29 September 2022 Poultry
Poultry farmers ‘facing closure’ protest at Aldi and Lidl
IFA poultry and pig producers are calling on Aldi and Lidl to provide price increases to enable them to stay viable.
Bird flu threat looms as wild bird cases spiral
Bird flu is “spiralling in seabirds everywhere” warned IFA poultry chair Nigel Sweetman.
15 September 2022 Poultry
My Farming Week: Aaron Myles, Legaltan, Ballyshannon, Donegal
Donegal farmer Aaron Myles and family have added ducks to their mixed farm enterprise with the aim of diversifying farm income. They rear over 140,000 ducks a year.
14 September 2022 Poultry
McConalogue pushes for poultry meat access with Japanese counterpart
Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue joined his Japanese counterpart in Tokyo on Wednesday to negotiate further market access for Irish meat.
31 August 2022 Poultry
My Farming Week: Daniel Hawthorne, Doohat, Newbliss, Co Monaghan
Former FBD Young Farmer of the Year Daniel Hawthorne discusses the impact of rising input costs on his poultry system in Co Monaghan.
10 August 2022 Poultry
Staying ahead of the regulation curve in the Netherlands
Noel Bardon speaks a Dutch poultry farmer on pushing environmental and animal welfare standards up to maximise farm margins.
27 July 2022 Poultry
Bird flu threat looms over NI after at least seven wild cases confirmed
Case confirmations have been made both north and south, with authorities stating that the strain has been found in wild seabirds.
12 July 2022 Poultry
Bird flu case confirmed in Kerry
The Department of Agriculture has again urged flock owners to be vigilant of signs of bird flu after the latest case was confirmed in Kerry.
11 July 2022 Poultry
Egg producers could have no option but to destock, Teagasc warns
Teagasc's Rebecca Tierney looks at the challenges facing Ireland's egg sector, with input costs soaring in recent months.
29 June 2022 Poultry
Lidl chicken sales ‘grossly irresponsible’ – IFA
Across the horticulture, poultry and pig sectors, retailers are using food as a loss leader, according to emails sent to TDs and MEPs by the IFA.
22 June 2022 Poultry