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Buoyant pig prices begin to fill hole left after 2022 loses
Noel Bardon
Pig farmers are beginning to recover financially after over a year and a half of losses.
50 pigs stolen in English farm raid
11 August 2023 Pigs
50 pigs stolen in English farm raid
Thieves made off with a load of 50 pigs from a farm in Suffolk at some stage over last weekend.
Minimal revision to USDA meat forecast
16 July 2023 News
Minimal revision to USDA meat forecast
The United States Department of Agriculture produces a global meat forecast three times per year. The July update shows some change in different countries, but overall picture remains similar to April
Headless pigs dumped in Meath bog
A walker in Meath came across two pig carcases left decaying in a bog.
21 June 2023 News
Pig farmers slow to sell out in Flanders
High pig prices in Flanders, Belgium are scuppering their government’s plans to buy-out some of the region's pig units.
17 May 2023 News
45% of rashers in breakfast rolls not Irish, IFA finds
IFA pig chair Roy Gallie said DNA doesn’t lie and that some testing results "identified cases where businesses advertise product as Irish, but when tested, this is proven to be false".
3 May 2023 Pigs
IFA finds 39% of pigmeat sold in food service is non-Irish
The food service sector has come under fire from the IFA after a DNA survey of pigmeat products sold revealed almost 40% of the sector's pork is non-Irish.
3 May 2023 Pigs
Pig price rise needed as Irish price trail behind Europe’s – IFA
The IFA pig chair is looking for a price increase before pigs are supplied to factories next week.
26 April 2023 News
Pig sector upbeat after difficult 2022
Pig farmers met at the 2023 IPHS symposium in a more upbeat mood than they had met last year, with a brighter price and feed cost outlook for the months ahead.
19 April 2023 News
No recovery expected in Chinese market for EU pig exports
Last year, pigmeat production fell in the majority of EU member states, falling on average by 5.6%.
10 April 2023 Pigs
Treating grain can reduce carbon footprint by 10%
John O’Doherty outlined details of the research at an Adesco conference in Co Tipperary last week.
5 April 2023 News
Cullinan pig business moves to unlimited status
Gordon Deegan reports on Tim Cullinan’s pig firm in Co Tipperary.
13 March 2023 News