This week, we’re releasing our sixth Leaving Certificate agricultural science study guide classroom video on the topic of food production.

In the latest in our series of study guide videos, the author of our food production study guides Jim Power discusses the topic with Irish Farmers Journal dairy editor Aidan Brennan.

This 20-minute video takes students and teachers beyond the content of the weekly study guides, adding context and practical examples to enhance their understanding on the topic of food production.

Learning outcomes covered include: 4.3-E, 4.3-D, 3.3.2-C, 4.3.2-A

Key areas covered:

  • The improvements on dairy farms with regards to breed selection and nutrition.
  • The relationship between genetics and milk production.
  • How Ireland's unique grass-based system benefits food production.
  • The competitive advantages from Ireland's grass-based dairy products.
  • How can Irish agriculture reduce its environmental impact?
  • Comparing conventional and organic farming systems.
  • The process of changing from conventional to organic food production.
  • How Irish dairy farmers maintain such a high-quality product?
  • Leaving Certificate - Agricultural Science Study Guide Video 6: Food Production from Irish Farmers Journal on Vimeo.

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