Changes are afoot at Boortmalt, as it has emerged that some agronomists are leaving the company.

Chemical sales are not a huge part of the company’s portfolio globally, but when Boortmalt took over Minch Sales in Ireland, it continued to sell inputs.

It was documented in this paper last week that Boortmalt is planning to sell two of its premises – New Ross (Strokestown) and Tintern.

While the premises are to be sold, it is understood that the malting contracts will remain, but these contracts will most likely be franchised out to private grain merchants.

Whatever the case, the decisions need to be made before the planting season so that farmers know the details of pricing and delivery before seed is planted, or indeed if they need to replace their malting barley crop in the event that new arrangements do not suit.

If grain intake points move, it is likely the new arrangements will not suit some growers and thus there will most likely be movement in malting tonnage between farms.

Further clarity will also be needed on pricing and price negotations.