Farmhand will be displaying Amazone spreaders from the ZA-V range at this year’s Ploughing Championships, that sits at the higher end of Amazone’s spreader offering.

The ZA-V range has hopper capacities from 1,700l up to 4,200l. These spreaders have a spreading capacity of 390kg/minute and working widths ranging from 10m up to 36m. The vanes on discs are carbide-coated.

Amazone’s soft, ballistic spreading system with discs spinning at a speed of 720rpm ensures damage-free granules, while the long spreading vanes broadcast that extra distance, achieving a stable, triangular spread pattern.

Working width range is preselected by using one of the three spreading disc pairs, while precise working width is then selected by adjusting spreading vane position via scale.

Two weigh cells and two tilt sensors ensure precise weight monitoring regardless of terrain

Manual mode sees nine-part section control with the option of 16-part widths when using automatic mode via GPS switch.

Two weigh cells and two tilt sensors ensure precise weight monitoring regardless of terrain, via the Amaspread+ control terminal.

Both border and normal spreading can be easily selected from the operator’s seat via the terminal. The spreader has full online calibration through the weigh cells.


Farmhand will also showcase the UF1501 compact mounted sprayer. The model on display will be ISOBUS ready and is equipped with a 24m boom. The range has a tank capacity from 900l to 1,800l.

It’s characterised by its robust construction yet lightweight design.

The compact sprayer has boom widths available from 12m to 30m, equipped with three-fold shock-absorbed suspension and hydraulic height adjustment with guide skids.