An estimated total of 20 lambs and at least two hoggets have been killed in a spate of dog attacks on the Kilcaroon Doon Mountain, a short distance from the village of Ballyporeen, Co Tipperary.

The first attack was witnessed by farmers Tom and JJ Barry at 2pm on Sunday as the brothers gathered sheep on the mountain.

Two dogs were witnessed fleeing the hill before the brothers counted the fatalities of the incident, which had left 10 lambs dead and more badly injured.

Second attack

A similar incident occurred the following day, when another 10 lambs were killed and more injured.

This attack was thought to have occurred at the approximate time of 2pm again.

The farmers are remaining vigilant of the threat of another attack, spending as much time as possible watching sheep on the hills. / Conor Hennessey

“Every time you go out, you could find more lambs under furze or hedges,” explained one of the farmers who lost sheep on the hill, Conor Hennessey.

“The sheep are wicked agitated and ewes are looking for lambs that are no longer alive,” he said.

The same commonage had been the subject of dog attacks in the past few years, with the last major incident occurring two years ago.

The incidents happened at approximately the same time of 2pm on both occasions, with the first attack on the Sunday and the second on Monday. / Conor Hennessey

“There has been a lot of damage done to the lambs still alive - it is likely that the eight or nine badly cut lambs will not survive,” Hennessy added.

Farmers' response

Five farmers with sheep on the commonage are waiting with their flocks in the hope of catching the dogs responsible for the attacks.

An Garda Síochána were contacted by the farmers after the initial incident, with a visit made by gardaí to the hill on Sunday at 6pm.

Members of the public with any information relating to the incidents are asked to contact the local Garda station.