ACRES money delayed for 20,000 farmers
Declan O’Brien
Although €21.1m in balancing payments will commence this week to almost 26,700 farmers, monies for a further 20,000 ACRES members will be delayed.
24 April 2024 News
'Red hot' market for hill land
A combination of increased CAP payments, young-farmer demand and a scarce supply of commonage and hill land is driving the market.
4 March 2024 News
Buffer zones in active turbary areas should not affect ACRES - Kerrane
In recent weeks, the issue around active turf cutting in turbary areas on commonages and the impact that would have on ACRES payments arose again.
Interim ACRES payment a ‘financial lifeline’ for many farmers, says INHFA
INHFA vice-president John Joe Fitzgerald welcomed the interim ACRES payment.
19 February 2024 Schemes
ACRES training deadline only weeks away
The dispensation given to approved ACRES planner to hold training in 2024 finishes in the main at the end of February.
14 February 2024 Schemes
Interim ACRES payment must be 80% of total funds due - INHFA
Ambition is to get all farmers paid 'within the next two weeks'.
12 February 2024 News
Proposed buffer zones on active turbary areas will affect ACRES payments - INHFA
These proposals, if applied, will affect the overall habitat score of commonages that will see reduced ACRES payments to farmers.
8 February 2024 News