Farmers need protection from intimidating dog walkers – IFA
Barry Murphy
Farmers need greater safeguards to protect them from dog walkers on their lands, the IFA has said following an alleged assault on a Wicklow farmer.
22 March 2023 News
Wicklow walking trail closed after alleged dog-walker assault on farmer
A well-known Co Wicklow sheep farmer was allegedly assaulted by a hiker who was told not to bring dogs onto the hill.
15 March 2023 Living Life
‘We go with the best dogs and we come home with the best dogs’
Last weekend Peri and Scarlett Burnside were representing Ireland at Crufts – considered to be the world’s greatest dog event. Caitríona Bolger spoke this mother-daughter team about their hobby.
Health benefits verified by Teagasc science for these Westmeath dog treats
Leonard Greene is producing a real meat dog snack that is impressing humans with its health benefits and dogs with its great taste writes Caitríona Bolger
15 March 2023 Living Life
'Law is against sheep farmers when it comes to dog attacks'
There are 155,209 breeding ewes in Wicklow with 233,000 lambs born every year, making the county the fifth-largest in Ireland in terms of sheep numbers.
15 March 2023 News
Ewes and lambs driven from a height in dog attack leaving five sheep dead
Witnesses reported seeing two lurchers and a terrier attacking the sheep on Friday evening 3 March.
8 March 2023 News
Higher fines on the table in bid to clamp down on dog attacks
A report recommending actions on dog control is due to Minister McConalogue and Minister Humphreys next week.
24 February 2023 News
ICSA plans protest over sheep income crisis next week
The Food Vision sheep group met on Friday, where farm organisations were given an update on the market and outlook for the sector.
20 February 2023 News
No stone unturned to ensure lambs and ewes are safe in fields - Minister Humphreys
Minister McConalogue told the ICSA AGM that there is a clear commitment from himself and Minister Humphreys to tackle the issue of dog attacks on sheep.
15 February 2023 News
IFA renews calls for action on dog attacks
The IFA is seeking the introduction of better dog identification systems and harsher penalties for the owners of dogs that attack or worry livestock.
8 February 2023 News
Dog expert calls for mandatory theory test prior to dog ownership
When dogs are in hind brain mode they are dangerous, dog behaviour expert Nanci Creedon said before the Joint Oireachtas Committee for Agriculture.
2 February 2023 News
Calls for dog owners to be more responsible around lambing season
IFA Wexford sheep chair Pat Murray has said new laws regarding steeper fines need to be implemented quickly.
1 February 2023 Letters