Over half of fines issued for out-of-control dogs go unpaid
Amy Forde
The Minister for Rural Development Heather Humphreys last week announced that on-the-spot fines are to increase from €100 to €300.
15 November 2023 News
Over 900 cattle, sheep and poultry attacked by dogs in 2022
Of the numbers attacked, 378 animals were either maimed, killed or put down, the figures show.
13 November 2023 News
Farm groups say €300 sheep worrying fine doesn't go far enough
Both the IFA and INHFA have stated that stricter penalties announced for dog worrying do not go far enough in addressing dog attacks on sheep.
Owners face new €300 fine if their dogs are found worrying livestock
A high-level stakeholder group will be asked to consider wider issues such as expanding the list of restricted breeds.
9 November 2023 News
Wexford farmer ‘devastated’ by repeated dog attacks
Dogs have attacked the flock of a Wexford sheep farmer three times since late May, leaving him at his wits' end.
9 October 2023 News
Ploughing attendees to be told to keep dogs off farmland
There will be a focus on responsible dog ownership at Ploughing 2023, according to Minister Heather Humphreys.
15 September 2023 News
60 sheepdogs competing for international supreme championship
The international sheepdog trials taking place from Friday 8 to Sunday 10 September will see the top dogs from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales battle it out for the coveted prize.
8 September 2023 News
In-calf cows killed by dog in Wales
A farmer in Wales has been left with four dead in-calf cows after they were chased by a dog.
30 August 2023 News
Lambs killed in Armagh dog attack
The latest dog attack in Armagh left three lambs requiring euthanasia, as several more were mauled.
30 August 2023 News
240 sheepdogs vie to be top dog at world trials
The four-day World Sheepdog Trials event is expected to attract over 50,000 spectators.
15 August 2023 News
Dog control measures urgently required - INHFA
Due to a rise in the number of dog attacks on sheep, the INHFA is again calling for “the introduction of legislation to ban all non-working dogs from our hills and farmlands”.
9 August 2023 News
11 lambs killed in Kerry dog attack
Farmer Tomas O’Leary came across his dead and wounded lambs on Saturday morning.
8 August 2023 News