INHFA launches policy paper on public access
Rachel Donovan
The policies will be around dog control and insurance, including a public education programme, in a bid to lessen the threat posed to farmers and their livestock from dog walkers.
25 May 2022 News
‘Alarming level of inaction’ on dog control
Farm organisations and rural stakeholders have made several submissions to the Department of Rural and Community Development to improve the control of dogs.
25 May 2022 Community
IFA meets Minister Humphreys on tougher sanctions for dog attacks
Comiskey said the persistent failure of the authorities has frustrated farmers who have suffered significant losses as a result of dog attacks.
'Persistent failure' from authorities on dog control - IFA
The IFA met with Minister Humphreys on Wednesday to seek tougher sanctions for dog attacks.
19 May 2022 News
INHFA calls for 'hill ban' for non-working dogs
More than 60% of farmers had been in situations where leisure users refused to comply when asked not to bring dogs onto lands.
18 May 2022 News
Minister Humphreys looks to double dog attack fine to €5,000
The Department for Rural and Community Development is responsible for the Control of Dogs Act and dog licensing.
11 May 2022 News
IFA sheep chair "at the end of his tether" on dog attacks
Kevin Comiskey says farmer's sheep flocks and their owners are not receiving adequate protection from the application of the laws governing dogs.
11 May 2022 News
Farmers in ‘vulnerable’ position on public access to lands – INHFA
An INHFA survey has shown that there is an undercurrent of thuggish behaviour in public access of farm and hill lands, according to association vice president Pheilim Molloy.
11 May 2022 News
Nearly 30 sheep killed by Alsatian in Tipperary
Michael and David Coyne had 27 hoggets killed in a dog attack on the Knockmealdowns in Co Tipperary in what is their 10th dog attack since they started farming 30 years ago.
5 May 2022 News
Dogs not immune to the vegan crusade
New research suggests dogs fed vegan food might be healthier, but sometimes you need to dig a bit deeper
20 April 2022 Dealer
Wicklow farmers and council raise dog attack awareness
It is a critical time of year on sheep farms as lambing season is now upon us, says Wicklow IFA.
25 March 2022 News
158 dog attacks on livestock reported to gardaí in 2021
Gardaí confirmed that they initiated 115 proceedings against dog owners in relation to dog licenses in 2021.
5 March 2022 News