Aurivo has announced that it will be lifting its milk price by .5c/l to 30.36c/l, excluding VAT, for August.

It marks the third consecutive milk price increase by the co-op, going from 29.4c/l in June to 29.9c/l in July.

Other processors

Kerry Group today announced that it would be holding its milk price at 30.36c/l, excluding VAT.

Lakeland Dairies has also held its base price for August milk at 31.10c/l, excluding VAT.

Glanbia Ireland has increased its base milk price for August, but ended the 1c/l Glanbia Co-op support.Its manufacturing price at 3.6% fat and 3.3% protein now stands at 30.4c/l, excluding VAT, up 1c/l on July's level.

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