Grass supplies

Grass is in abundant supply on farms at the moment and it’s presenting some challenges. On some farms with very heavy covers it won’t be possible to graze silage fields at this stage and get around the rest of the grazing paddocks. On Tullamore farm the average farm cover is at 968kg/DM/ha and 40 acres of silage fields have been closed this week in a bid to lift demand in line with expected growth over the next few weeks. The plan is that this silage would be cut in the first week of May as a high-quality cut for feeding weanlings and ewes pre-lambing next winter. Grazed paddocks on Tullamore are hitting growths of 40kg/DM/day, while the heavy covers have stalled in terms of growth. With good weather forecast this week, it’s an ideal chance to get slurry and fertiliser out to get grass growing. You also need to maximise the number of animals outdoors while you can, to get grass grazed and stimulate growth. Make a point of walking all your fields at the weekend to assess what grass you have available. You’ll be surprised how much you have. More importantly, take action by getting stock out.