Doosan Bobcat unveiled its new electric Bobcat T7X skid-steer loader at a show in the US this month.

The first machine of its kind to be fully electric, the traditional hydraulic system has been replaced with an electrical drive system consisting of electric cylinders and electric drive motors. The manufacturer says the T7X uses less than one litre of coolant compared to around 216 litres of fluid in its diesel/hydraulic equivalent model.

At the heart of the T7X is a 62kW (100hp) lithium-ion battery.

While applications vary, Bobcat says each charge can support common days’ work operations and the use of intelligent work modes for up to four hours of continuous operation time and a full day of operation during intermittent use.

The Bobcat T7X is the world’s first electric, fully battery-powered skid-steer loader.

The manufacturer says the power management system is programmed to sense when loads are increasing, automatically backing off power when not needed to preserve energy use and extend the machine’s runtime.

Bobcat says the electric platform enables instantaneous power and peak torque at every operating speed, with no waiting for the hydraulic system to build up power.

Bobcat claims the electric version can significantly lower daily operating costs, when considering the reduction in annual maintenance costs and elimination of diesel, engine oil, diesel exhaust fluid and hydraulic parts.

The T7X will initially be available in North America, but the company intends to expand this to other regions, including Europe, in the future.