The EU is set to allow the UK to further delay Brexit beyond the current departure date of this Friday, 12 April.

The EU heads of state will meet in Brussels on Wednesday to decide what they will do, but a draft document reportedly contains an agreement to extend the Brexit deadline, pending some conditions. These conditions include holding European Parliament elections.

Earlier on Tuesday, members of the British parliament voted in favour of Prime Minister May's plans to delay Brexit until 30 June. The motion was approved by 420 votes to 110.

On Tuesday evening, May met with French president Emmanuel Macron in Paris after meeting German chancellor Anglea Merkel in Berlin earlier in the day.

European Council president Donald Tusk has proposed a longer delay to Brexit than 30 June, writing in a letter to the heads of state that there was little reason to believe that a deal could be completed by the end of June.

He suggested a delay of “as long as necessary and no longer than one year”.

Farm supports

On Wednesday morning, the European Commission will decide on which Brexit measures to roll out in support for farmers.

"I anticipate a mix of measures designed to suit particular circumstances and products – a mix of some or all of public intervention, private storage aid, withdrawal schemes and targeted aid will form a package of supports," European Commissioner for Agriculture Phil Hogan said on Monday.

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