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50 years in the EU: what half a century in the Union has meant for Irish farmers
Matt Dempsey
Matt Dempsey, chair of the Agricultural Trust and former Irish Farmers Journal editor, reflects on Ireland’s and farming’s journey through membership of the EEC and EU.
29 November 2022 EU
Anaerobic digestion industry calls for Government support scheme
Over half of the attendees at the Gas Networks Ireland conference are currently involved with developing an AD plant
10 October 2022 Climate and environment
EU law could see 70% of drained, farmed peats rewet by 2050
The Commission has made no distinction between restoration and rewetting, an Oireachtas committee was told.
Germany's huge energy package risks alienating EU neighbours
Berin's €200bn package to help avert energy problems at home is a threat to EU unity.
7 October 2022 EU
Dutch derogation phase-out plans branded a 'sham'
The final draft decision from Brussels shows that 2022 will be the final year that derogation farmers in the Netherlands will be permitted to reach the 250kg N/ha granted to Ireland.
3 October 2022 News
Cow permit proposals would force some farmers out - MEP
MEP Billy Kelleher's comments come less than a week after Ireland joined many other member states in calling on the Commission to change its plan at the EU's council of farm ministers.
29 September 2022 EU
EU farm ministers push against Commission’s 150-cow permit plans
Applying the rules to a farm with 150 cows is "not justified" Ireland told the European Commission on Monday.
27 September 2022 EU
EU cereals down 6.8% on 2021
Cereal production in the EU was down in 2022, mainly due to the impact of heat and drought on maize yields in particular.
21 September 2022 News
Birth of the EU and evolution of CAP
Desire to avoid wars in Europe was a key political driver in creation of a common market and food scarcity was the background to developing a common agriculture policy
2 August 2022 EU
An Irish view from within the Commission
Following a lifetime of working in the European Commission, former secretary general of the Commission, Dr Catherine Day, shares her memories on the EU, past and future, with Phelim O’Neill.
1 August 2022 EU
CAP, Brexit and the future
Having lived with the implications of the CAP all his life, John Bruton gives a view on its possible future challenges.
1 August 2022 EU
Northern Ireland: the route out of the CAP
Leaving the EU has given Northern Ireland a chance to shape its future support for agriculture but EU rules will continue to influence production.
31 July 2022 EU