The number of burglaries and related offences in April, May and June of 2020 was down by 52.8% on the same period in 2019, according to figures from the Central Statistics Office (CSO).

The CSO said recorded crime statistics for Q2 2020 begin to show the impact on recorded crime levels of measures introduced to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

The number of crimes recorded in the burglary and related offences category fell by 2,025 (-52.8%) to 1,810 in the second quarter.

“Recorded crime figures for April to June 2020 were dramatically impacted by the general lockdown and restrictions on movement measures introduced by Government in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

“There were 2,025 fewer incidents of burglary and related offences recorded in Q2 2020 than in Q2 2019, representing a drop of 52.8%.

“Sharp decreases were also observed in theft and related offences (down by 38.7%) and for robbery, extortion and hijacking offences (lower by 29.9%) compared with the equivalent quarter in 2019,” the CSO said.

Winter crime

Last week, Meath crime prevention office Dean Kerins told the Irish Farmers Journal that farmyards are like supermarkets for criminals in the winter months.

He urged farmers to secure valuables around the farm before the winter to avoid potential burglaries.

“Farmers need to take the temptation away and improve the security in their yards. These security measures don’t have to be very expensive. Common sense is the most valuable precaution you can use,” he said.

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