The trade for lambs in Raphoe Mart in Co Donegal on Monday could be described as relatively fair given the sharp reduction in factory quotes.

Prices eased on average by €3 to €6/head, but the fact that agents remain keen to get their hands on numbers ensured there was still a good level of bite in the trade.

MartBids price analysis shows lambs weighing upwards of 50kg selling in the main from €158 to €168/head, with good-quality lambs weighing 47kg to 48kg falling within a price range of €150 to €160/head.

Lighter well-fleshed and top-quality lambs weighing 45kg to 46kg with a good kill-out potential were capable of selling at a similar price, while lots weighing 42kg to 43kg sold on average from €142 to €148.

Store lambs

Store lamb numbers are slowly building. Lambs weighing 38kg to 39kg sold from €125 to €136, with lighter 33kg to 35kg lambs typically selling from €87 to €110 and as high as €125. Freshly weaned lambs weighing 25kg to 28kg sold mainly from €71 to €85.

Ewes topping 100kg sold from €188 to €215, with ewes from 85kg to 90kg from €170 to €194. Lots weighing 70kg to 80kg sold from €120 to €160 with lots in the mid-60kg to 70kg range from €100 upwards and back to €75 for light ewes.

In pictures

Two Texel ewe lambs weighing 45kg sold for €175 (€3.89/kg).

This batch of nine Suffolk ewe lambs weighing 38kg sold for €128 (€3.37/kg).

This group of 14 Texel-cross ewe lambs weighing 45kg sold for €159 (€3.53/kg).

This batch of eight mainly Texel-cross ewe lambs weighing 26kg sold €82 (€3.15/kg).

These ram lambs averaging 43kg sold for €148 (€3.44/kg).

A batch of six ewe lambs averaging 40kg and nicely presented sold for €140 (€3.50/kg).

Two Zwartbles ram lambs averaging 48kg sold for €154 (€3.21/kg).

This mixed breed group of 12 ewe lambs weighing 25kg sold for €71 (€2.84/kg).

This group of 10 Texel-cross ram lambs weighing 28kg sold for €78 (€2.79/kg).

Three ram lambs averaging 33kg sold for €87 (€2.64/kg).

Three mixed-breed ewe lambs weighing 47kg sold for €157 (€3.34/kg).