Munster Bovine boss Kevin Coffey has said the issues with compensation for the bull Canning have been dealt with.

In a note to AI technicians and field staff and an address to full-time staff he said: “While it took some time, we have arrived at a very comprehensive response, far more than the competition has offered, and 98% of all Munster Bovine customers affected have accepted the Canning payment at this stage.”

On the FarmOps app which is at the centre of an IT spend review, Coffey said the app is a long-term investment in farmer customers and Munster Bovine shouldn’t be afraid to invest and pioneer to be better than the rest.

On AI price increases, he said Munster prices were still among the lowest in the market. He suggested its milk recording service is €2/cow cheaper than other providers.

The Irish Farmers Journal understands Munster Bovine’s board initiated an independent IT spend review, with a conclusion expected this month.

Meanwhile, the representative structure of Dairygold milk suppliers met last week. Dairygold is a two-thirds shareholder in Munster Bovine.

At the start of each regional meeting, the chair read out a statement on Munster Bovine. It outlined that the board of Dairygold had discussed at length the Munster Bovine issues raised at last round of regional meetings.

All matters are being shared with and will be discussed at Munster Bovine board level and Dairygold will not comment further until such time as is appropriate.

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