Farmer Writes: correcting grass quality on the grazing platform
I think the 60% TAMS grant is a great incentive and everybody should avail of it. If all farms and houses had panels on some roof space, it would have to be good for the individuals and the country.
12 June 2024 Farmer Writes
Farmer Writes: the folly of youth
Keeping the younger cows at home instead of the older ones takes up a bit more time for AI as Tommy Moyles discovered.
5 June 2024 Farmer Writes
Farmer Writes: cattle never fail to surprise me
Regardless of how many years’ experience I have with cattle, they still never fail to surprise me at times, writes Karen McCabe.
Late calving cows: cull them or breed them?
Adam Woods takes a look at the problem of late calving cows and what options are available to farmers.
5 June 2024 Animal Health
Fast forwarding genetic gain in Ohio
Aidan Brennan reports from the Sexing Technologies heifer farm in the United States where IVF is used to ramp up genetic gain.
Farmer Writes: silage, slurry, AI and milk recording
It has been a busy few weeks on Padraig Callanan's farm, between silage, slurry, AI, milk recording and keeping on top of grass.
29 May 2024 Farmer Writes
Five tips for a positive breeding season
Breeding will be getting under way for predominantly March- to May-calving herds and to help boost conception rates, outlined are some management tips.
25 May 2024 Management
Show-savvy McGarry shows us the ropes
Eamon McGarry is a young Blonde breeder from Belfast who has made the name for himself in the show ring, both at home and abroad, writes Shanon Kinahan.
5 May 2024 Pedigree
Top tips for getting suckler cows back in calf
Adam Woods takes a look at what’s important in terms of getting suckler cows back in calf
Dairy Management: maximising grass growth and breeding cows
Aidan Brennan says May is the month to drive on grass growth by spreading a bit extra nitrogen and re-filling silage pits
1 May 2024 Management
Sexed semen sales up 25% this year
The 2024 breeding season is about a week behind where it normally should be according to AI companies.
1 May 2024 News
Breeding kicks off in Tullamore Farm
Breeding has begun on the beef suckler herd in Tullamore, while lambs receive their first run through the handling unit.
26 April 2024 Tullamore Farm