The board of Carbery Group met on Tuesday and decided to cut the base milk price for March supply by 2c/l. However, it is topping this up with a 2c/l support, meaning that farmers will receive the same price as they did for February milk which was 32.88c/l excluding VAT.


Similarly, the board of Arrabawn decided to reduce milk price by 2c/l but, in light of current difficulties at farm level, it will pay a bonus of 2c/l for March. A spokesperson for Arrabawn said this will maintain a price of 32.3c/l excluding VAT for March milk.


Meanwhile, Aurivo cut its base price for March milk by 2.45c/l, bringing it to 29.91c/l excluding VAT for manufacturing milk. The Aurivo price for March is made up of a base price of 31.52c/l and early calving payment of 1.48c/l including VAT.

The average price paid to Aurivo suppliers in March will be 34.37c/l excluding VAT based on the average co-op solids, the processor said.

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