The world-renowned Carbon Trust has awarded certification to Keenan, for its diet feeder. This is the first time a diet feeder has been awarded such a certification.

“In light of the Government’s announcement regarding the climate action plan, which aims to push Ireland to reach its 2030 targets, and to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050, Keenan is delighted to offer farmers a tangible means of reducing its carbon footprint on-farm, while enhancing production and profitability”, said Matt Higgins, general manager of Keenan.

The Carbon Trust analysed results from the diet feeder and found that it increased rumen efficiency by making feed more easily digestible for cattle.

25% reduction in methane

Keenan has estimated that improved feed conversion efficiency can lead to a 25% reduction in methane when a herd receives rations from a Keenan diet feeder and Keenan controller.

“The animal food supply chain is faced with growing pressures to reduce methane and carbon dioxide emissions.

“As concern for our planet’s finite resources escalates, we have a responsibility to be proactive in sourcing solutions and partnerships that can relieve environmental strain and prioritise sustainability on-farm,” said Higgins.

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