Angus, Hereford and Limousin bull breeders are reporting strong demand from dairy farmers for beef bulls.

“I’ve seen a phenomenal increase in demand from dairy farmers. I’ve never come across a demand like it,” said Cork Angus breeder Ben Ryall.

Ryall said he would usually have 40 bulls for sale each year and about 20 left come the end of January but that as of this week, all his bulls are sold.

He said dairy farmers are buying bulls in twos and threes, are buying much earlier and are paying close attention to a bull’s dairy beef values.

The Angus breeder said farmers want to know the “figures” calves will have on mart boards.

Elsewhere, Monaghan Hereford breeder Eric Humphreys said he too is seeing dairy farmers “looking a lot earlier this year”.

“There’s a lot of talk about the dairy beef values. There’s definitely been an increase in activity,” he said.

Wexford Limousin breeder Trevor Masterson said he is seeing dairy farmers “watching more carefully for the dairy beef values”.

“The dairy farmers are more active than other years and the demand is very strong at the moment.”

Masterson said that in terms of bull sales, he is at where he would usually be for the 1 April. He said a strong cattle trade and greater dairy sexed semen use are factors driving demand.

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