Dedicated Dairy Farming News

Farmers reminded that deadline for cow excretion rates is Friday
Amy Forde
Farmers who applied for a nitrates derogation in 2022 are also reminded that they must submit 2022 fertiliser accounts.
28 March 2023 News
Loss of nitrates derogation will drive land competition - Kelleher
MEP Billy Kelleher has warned that without an extension to the nitrates derogation, dairy farmers will out-compete other farmers for land.
27 March 2023 News
Potential stall on calf sales - ICOS
The Irish Co-Operative Organisation Society (ICOS) has warned that farmers must now be conscious of Ireland’s reduced calf export capacity.
Dairy cows comprise 66% of cow kill
The analysis of throughput figures for the first two months of the year shows a similar breakdown to 2022, with total throughput running 5,690 head higher.
26 March 2023 News
Listen: Farm Tech Talk - suckler cow scheme, weather and farm buildings
This week’s weather is making conditions difficult in the fields and the forecast is for unsettled conditions.
24 March 2023 News
Minister deems 90 cows to be ‘typical family farm’ for TAMS III
Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue has set out his reasons for some very controversial restrictions on dairy equipment in TAMS III.
24 March 2023 News
5,000 dairy farmers yet to submit banding yield with one week to go
Derogation applications have also been slow to roll into the Department of Agriculture.
23 March 2023 News
What’s on: upcoming pedigree shows and sales
The busy show and sale season is well and truly under way in the pedigree world with sales starting to take place all over the country, writes Shanon Kinahan.
22 March 2023 Pedigree
Farmers miss out on emissions savings from solar
The agriculture sector won’t get the emission reduction credit for installing solar PV on their farms as they strive to reduce emissions by 25% by 2030
22 March 2023 News
Increased slurry storage required for TAMS milking equipment
Farmers will require 10% over their required slurry storage in order to avail of TAMS aid for milking equipment.
22 March 2023 Buildings
Tirlán and Dairygold suppliers see cuts to February milk price
Tirlán chair John Murphy said that the farmgate milk price needed to move lower this month to reflect the "significant correction in market returns".
22 March 2023 News
Minister to seek ‘flexibility’ around derogation stocking rate D-day
The minister’s case comes as he warned of “at least some of the country” could see a derogation stocking rate cut from 250kg N/ha to 220kg N later this year.
22 March 2023 News