The board of Aurivo has announced increases to its fixed milk price schemes, in a similar move to that of Carbery, Lakeland and Arrabawn.

A 5c/l increase will be paid to farmers in fixed milk price scheme seven and those in fixed milk price scheme eight will receive a 3.5c/l boost.

Aurivo said that the decision was due to the unprecedented increase in farm input costs and the lower returns from farmers' fixed milk contracts compared to current market returns.

The payment is set to be reviewed on an ongoing basis and any change to this support in a future month will be communicated by the co-op to the supplier.


"As, contractually, Aurivo are tied to sell your product to our customers at the fixed price, this support is coming directly from co-op funds and we appreciate your continued support and trade with the wider co-op to make this support mechanism possible," it said to its suppliers in a statement.

It is estimated that Aurivo has 4% or 27.5 million litres of milk tied up in fixed milk price schemes.