Kerry is the latest processor to announce a rise in milk price for January following similar moves from Tirlán, Carbery, Dairygold and Lakeland Dairies.

Kerry increased its base price by 1c/l, excluding VAT, for January milk supplies setting a base price of 35.2c/l, excluding VAT.

A milk contract payment of 2.4c/l, excluding VAT, will also be paid on all qualifying milk volumes. Tirlán increased its base milk price for January by 1c/l to 34.83c/l, excluding VAT, for supplies at 3.6% butterfat and 3.3% protein.

Tirlán will also pay a seasonality payment of 3.8c/l, excluding VAT, that will be paid on all creamery milk volumes supplied in January that meet quality criteria, along with its sustainability action payment of 0.47c/l, excluding VAT, to all qualifying suppliers.

Global markets

Tirlán chair John Murphy said the price lift reflects recent improvements on global markets.

“Milk supply growth globally was very low in 2023 and is forecast to remain sluggish, which should support dairy markets. However geopolitical concerns and economic weakness in some markets continue to impact on demand and will need to be monitored closely,” he said.

Carbery also increased its base price for the month of January by 1c/l, paying suppliers a base price of 34.76c/l, excluding VAT. This price is not including a 2c/l bonus from the co-op’s stability fund, a 0.5c/l SCC bonus and a future-proof sustainability bonus.

Dairygold set a base milk price of 35c/l, excluding VAT. When taken with the quality and sustainability bonus of 1.13c/l, excluding VAT, and the early calving bonus of 2.95c/l, excluding VAT, the price comes to 39.18c/l, excluding VAT.

“Dairy market prices have improved in recent months, reflecting a decrease in global milk supplies, but with demand continuing to be volatile, future pricing forecasts remain uncertain,” a company spokesperson said.

Lakeland Dairies announced a rise of 1.67c/l, bringing the co-op’s base price to 37c/l, excluding VAT.