Getting the most from milk recording results
Aidan Brennan
Aidan Brennan looks at the importance of milk recording in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and says the results are not just to be used for identifying high SCC cows
22 May 2024 News
Feed prices hold firm for May
Demand for feed on dairy farms is on the wind-down, as grass growth increases.
Dairy co-ops facing a period of flux
There was plently of talk at Balmoral Show around the potential implications of having different milk payment systems operating in NI
Positives abound but derogation decision is critical
With global demand for dairy produce stable, Irish farmers are ideally placed to take advantage, but much will depend on an EU Commission decision around the nitrates derogation.
ICOS calls on MEP candidates to prioritise ‘chronic shortage’ of young farmers
All institutions in the EU should include farmers and co-operatives in the consultation process relating to files which have a direct impact on farms, ICOS has said.
20 May 2024 News
Dairy Trends: butter and WMP increase while skim and cheese fall
There is no clear direction in the dairy markets at present, with no big changes to either supply or demand, writes Aidan Brennan.
15 May 2024 Markets
What we learned from co-op annual reports
Industry leaders are singing from the same hymn sheet, as milk supply growth ends.
8 May 2024 News
West Cork co-ops lead the way with 5c/l support
The four west Cork co-ops are back on top of the league as they support milk price for March with a 5c/l weather support payment.
1 May 2024 Markets
Carbery weather payment an example to others - ICMSA
The ICMSA welcomed all weather-related payments by milk purchasers and co-ops, but particularly singled out the 5c/l, excluding VAT, payment from Carbery.
25 April 2024 News
Positivity mixed with unknowns needs leadership
The 2023 results do nothing to recognise what is happening at farm level as the rug is being pulled from under farmers.
24 April 2024 Viewpoints
McConalogue gets his cow cull for free
Cow numbers are being cut by stealth, farmers say. And they are right. But this was entirely predictable, and their opposition to a cow reduction scheme has taken it off the table.
24 April 2024 Dealer
Carbery lifts March milk price and gives weather bonus
Carbery and the four west Cork co-ops have announced a weather support bonus.
19 April 2024 News