IFA to examine co-op for potato growers
Amy Forde
Maybe we’re better off with one voice, rather than 200-300 voices or maybe several smaller co-ops that might have 20 or 30 growers, Barry Mitchell, vice-chair of the IFA potato committee said.
21 March 2023 News
ICMSA pays tribute to former president Con Scully
ICMSA has described Mr Scully as incredibly insightful about the real nature of what had to be addressed and how to go about it.
15 March 2023 Viewpoints
Keep fertiliser price in context
It can’t all be left to individual farmers to shoulder the full cost.
‘Enough is enough’ on milk price cuts - IFA
The IFA has highlighted how further cuts to milk prices are not sustainable with increased input costs.
14 March 2023 News
Up to €155/t price differential in fertiliser
Fertiliser is far cheaper the further north you go in the country this week.
8 March 2023 News
ICOS unveils nine-point women’s inclusion plan
The charter for the participation of women in co-operatives seeks to give women a stronger voice in co-ops, ICOS said.
8 March 2023 News
Independent merchants forcing down fertiliser prices
A significant price differential is evident between small merchants without an overhang of last autumn's stock and bigger players whose yards are full of this expensive fertiliser.
1 March 2023 News
Dairy Trends: butter holds; powder and cheese rise
European dairy markets for cheese and powders increased again this week, as New Zealand cut its milk price.
1 March 2023 Markets
Labour shortage: 'the responsibility is on the farmer'
Rachel Donovan spoke to dairy farmers about labour shortages, nitrates and calf exports at a calf rearing event on Pat and Padhraic Kennedy's farm in Templemore, Co Tipperary, recently.
27 February 2023 News
Urea back €50/t as price stand-off intensifies
Merchants quoting as low as €800/t in border areas for urea as the option of buying product in Northern Ireland is keeping a firm lid on prices.
22 February 2023 News
Taoiseach to ‘look into’ high Irish fertiliser prices
The fertiliser cost gap between Ireland and the rest of Europe was raised by Kerry TD Danny Healy Rae.
22 February 2023 News
Dairy Trends: price increases in Europe as milk drops in Ireland
Commodity dairy markets took a rebound in Europe this week, as Irish co-ops made the first cuts to domestic milk prices.
15 February 2023 Markets