Northern Ireland
Dale Farm adds 0.25p/l to its price for May milk
Kieran Mailey
Dale Farm has announced its base price for milk supplied in May in Northern Ireland.
12 June 2024 News
Lakeland holds milk price for May
This is the second month Lakeland has held its base price, with the same decision being taken for April supplies.
29 May 2024 News
Land, sea, milk, biscuits: what makes French butter so special?
The people of Brittany take their butter very seriously – so seriously, their entire regional cuisine is based around it, writes Janine Kennedy.
Lakeland sets course for higher solids milk
Kieran Mailey takes a look at how the changes to the Lakeland payment model might impact different suppliers.
22 May 2024 Northern Ireland
Lakeland makes the right decision on milk solids
Paying on milk solids sends the correct message to farmers to prioritise solids yield.
15 May 2024 Northern Ireland
Kerry holds milk price for April
A statement from Kerry Group said the increase in global dairy prices seen in late 2023 and the first quarter of this year has “decelerated”.
14 May 2024 News
Tirlán increases March milk price
Tirlán’s base price for March is 37.7c/l, excluding VAT, based on standard constituents of 3.6% butterfat and 3.3% protein.
18 April 2024 News
Milk prices increase for January supplies
The major co-ops have moved to increase milk price for the second month in a row.
21 February 2024 News
Tirlán lifts December milk price
Tirlán has announced a 1c/l rise in its base milk price for December.
19 January 2024 News
Tirlán steps up with 3p/litre base price rise
Tirlán has raised its base price for November, along with a number of additional payment changes.
20 December 2023 Northern Ireland