Northern Ireland
Milk solids on an upward curve in NI
Kieran Mailey
Kieran Mailey looks at what higher butterfat and protein percentages are worth to the average NI dairy farm.
21 November 2023 News
No change for Carbery's October milk price
Carbery is also continuing to support milk price from its stability fund with a contribution of 2c/l, however, this is down 1c/l compared to September.
12 October 2023 News
Lakeland Dairies holds milk price for September
Lakeland Dairies is the first major processor to announce the price it will pay farmers for their September milk supplies.
GDT starts autumn on positive note
There was a positive outcome for butter and milk powder at Tuesday's GDT auction.
6 September 2023 Northern Ireland
Milk prices see cuts of 2.5c/l for July
Milk price is back by over 20c/l compared to this time last year.
23 August 2023 News
Kerry milk price: base down but 'top-up' given
Kerry Group will provide a 3c/l milk contract payment to suppliers for their July milk.
16 August 2023 News