Bovaer, the methane-reducing feed additive, has been approved for use in US dairy cows.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said that the feed additive meets safety and efficacy requirements in dairy cows.

Feeding Bovaer to cattle has proven to be safe for animals, producers and consumers.

Bovaer contains 3-nitrooxypropanol (3 NOP), which works by suppressing the enzyme in the cow’s rumen that forms methane.

Animal health company Elanco will sell the product on the US market. It said that feeding one tablespoon of it per dairy cow per day can reduce methane emissions by 30% annually.


“This monumental announcement has the ability to accelerate the opportunity for climate-neutral dairy farming, while creating a new revenue stream for dairy farmers across the country,” said president and CEO of Elanco Animal Health Jeff Simmons.

“As global temperatures breach new thresholds, consumers demand more sustainable products and the farm economy battles profitability challenges, we are excited to bring Bovaer to the market as a potential solution.

“Bovaer will create value for farmers, while helping food companies meet consumer demands and deliver on their sustainability commitments.

"As animal, human and now environmental health continue to converge, Bovaer is one of the most significant innovations that considers this intersection and provides consumers, farmers and society what they want for our future,” he said.


In August of 2023, Teagasc’s Gary Lanigan said that the feed additive will be licensed for use in Ireland withing 12 months.

“The cost is about €80/head, so there is a reasonably substantial cost,” he said at the time.