The London consulting firm CEPA was appointed by the Government to conduct a review of energy security in Ireland in May 2021. The review was to have been completed by now, but no publication date has been indicated, nor have reasons been offered for the delay. The Department of Environment and Climate Action summarised the project as follows, in the invitation to tender issued to consulting firms in November 2020:

  • Identification and examination of the key risks to the security of supply in the electricity and natural gas systems in Ireland.
  • Identification of options that could address or mitigate these challenges in the period to 2030.
  • Appraisal of these options in the context of ensuring a sustainable pathway to 2050.
  • The position regarding energy security has been problematic for years and has become urgent since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. For electricity, there have been system alerts from Eirgrid, but fortunately no actual blackouts.