Colm McCarthy: practical measures needed to turn targets into policy
Colm McCarthy
Targets in conflict are a recipe for delay and cost escalation. The latest domain for this habit of political evasion is defence policy.
10 July 2024 Viewpoints
Knock on impacts from Labour's UK victory
The governing legislation has turned out to be a Nimbies’ Charter, conferring veto powers on geographically small planning authorities sensitive to the objections of residents’ associations.
3 July 2024 Viewpoints
Colm McCarthy's UK general election predictions
In the next parliament, the surviving Tories will include very few Europe-friendly politicians, many of whom were discarded by Boris Johnson before the 2019 election.
Shortfalls in infrastructure
The record of oversight on State capital spending, particularly on big once-off projects, has been poor.
26 June 2024 Viewpoints
Colm McCarthy: Should MetroLink be a national priority?
Dublin airport - the choice of a passenger cap by the planners is a curious target.
19 June 2024 Viewpoints
Reconsidering our nuclear options
There could easily be a mid-course correction to Ireland’s declared policy should an affordable nuclear alternative emerge, offering always-on power with very low emissions.
12 June 2024 Viewpoints
Colm McCarthy: US constitutional constraints
At the heart of the problem is the revered constitution itself, which was drafted in 1787 and has become politically impossible to amend.
5 June 2024 Viewpoints
Unexpected casualty of the UK's general election
There is no case for spending hundreds of millions on a stadium in Belfast which will rarely be used.
29 May 2024 Viewpoints
Ireland's neutrality is financially savvy
Neutrality is seen as an expression of sovereignty and echoes the success of the 1939 decision to keep out of World War II.
22 May 2024 Viewpoints
50,000 football fans fly in for Aviva fixture
Summer arrives on cue for airports and Dublin does not have spare parking stands for a once-off influx.
15 May 2024 Viewpoints
Colm McCarthy: can Ireland become a large-scale exporter of electricity?
Across the Mediterranean, north African countries are eyeing up export opportunities for solar, as have locations in the Middle East.
8 May 2024 Viewpoints
Ireland's offshore wind potential
Ireland already has expensive electricity by European standards.
1 May 2024 Viewpoints