Devenish has joined with Canadian biotech company Mara Renewables to launch Humanativ to deliver what it describes as a “unique, patented omega-3 DHA solution to the animal nutrition market”.

Based on research carried out by the Royal College of Surgeons that demonstrated the human health benefit of omega-3, Devenish has developed a product that when consumed as part of an animal or bird’s diet, enhances the omega-3 content of the meat or eggs.

This means that consumers can have a choice of either standard or enhanced omega-3 meat and eggs.

What will be of particular interest to farmers is if they can capture any additional premium that the market is prepared to pay for products with enhanced omega-3.

Also, given that the mechanism is delivered through animal feed, it would appear most easily and immediately utilised in the intensive feeding sectors of poultry, egg and pigmeat production.