Egg producers could have no option but to destock, Teagasc warns
Teagasc's Rebecca Tierney looks at the challenges facing Ireland's egg sector, with input costs soaring in recent months.
13 June 2022 Husbandry
Improving risk assessment and detection of wireworm
At the recent World Potato Congress, Martyn Cox explained how we can better understand and assess the risk posed to crops by wireworms.
3 May 2022 Recipes
A life-giving frittata is what we all need after the bank holiday
This frittata is cheesy and filling, but still full of good-for-you stuff, writes Janine Kennedy
Farmers received price increase, egg packer says
Michael O'Reilly from Annalitten Eggs has said that it always passes on price increases to its egg producers.
13 April 2022 News
Consumer Watch: are you getting good value with your Easter egg?
How much is that Easter egg packaging costing you? Ciara Leahy breaks down the price of an Easter egg per gram of chocolate, and in some cases, it's coming in three times the amount of a standard bar.
13 April 2022 Consumer
Egg producers protest in Monaghan as feed costs rise
IFA poultry vice-chair Brendan Soden said that the supply chain is broken and argued that poultry producers aren't getting anything passed back, despite prices increasing in supermarkets.
7 April 2022 News
Commercial flocks lose free-range status
A housing order to reduce the spread of avian influenza has been in place since November 2021.
15 March 2022 News
Neven Maguire: start your day the right way
It’s important to eat a good hearty and nutritious breakfast in the morning. Here are two options that are different to your usual cereal and/or toast, writes Neven Maguire.
9 March 2022 Neven
IFA poultry meeting hears calls to ‘hold processors to account’
The IFA has said that processors must now put pressure on retailers to pay more for food, as the IFA has already successfully negotiated price increases with retailers.
9 March 2022 News
IFA calls stakeholders to poultry crisis meeting in Co Cork
The IFA has said that an extra 15c per chicken may not be enough to leave farmers with the margin they need to cover rising input costs.
7 March 2022 News
Folklore: Irish pancakes – different to the French counterparts
Folklorist Shane Lehane revisits the Pancake Tuesdays of his childhood; and shares some of the traditions associated with the ‘Irish Mardi Gras’.
23 February 2022 Features
IFA to 'escalate protests' unless action is taken on price
Niamh Gunn and Tommy Moyles report from the IFA protests in Cork and Monaghan.
14 February 2022 News