Electric car registrations increased across all counties in 2022, with particularly high percentage increases in predominantly rural counties such as Leitrim, Monaghan, Roscommon, Kerry and Donegal.

While the main bulk of electric vehicle registrations occurred in Dublin (47% of total), more rural counties have seen gains made on their relatively small numbers.

Leitrim saw a 181% increase in registrations last year to 45 new electric cars, from 16 in 2021. Monaghan registrations jumped 157% from 23 to 59, while Roscommon saw an increase of 143% from 44 to 107.

Registrations climbed by 113% to 236 new electric cars in Kerry and 97% to 238 in Donegal. Meanwhile, Dublin’s new electric car registrations were up a lower 72%.

Overall, there were 15,678 new electric cars registered in 2022, an 81% increase compared to the 8,646 in 2021 and a 355% increase on 2019 figures.

The analysis was published by the Society of the Irish Motor Industry.

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