In new changes to the Milk for Farmers range, customers who choose to pay extra for the range are buying milk that is produced to higher welfare standards and their extra 10p per litre will only support British farmers.

Morrisons and its supplier Arla announced the following changes:

  • Morrisons Milk for Farmers will now come from a dedicated pool of around 50 British farmers.
  • The segregated group of farms that provide Milk for Farmers will produce to a higher welfare standard as well as guaranteeing that their cows are grazed for 120 days a year.
  • All farmers in the group, including those producing Milk for Farmers, will also have to sign up to a number of additional higher welfare requirements.
  • The extra 10p/l paid by customers will be shared among all the farmers (around 300) in the Dedicated Morrisons Dairy Group.
  • Paying more

    Morrisons launched the For Farmers brand, which now includes Butter for Farmers, Cheese for Farmers, Cream for Farmers and Bacon for Farmers, in October 2015 to give customers the choice of paying a little more for products to support farmers.

    Milk for Farmers was first in the range and is 10p/l more than Morrisons’ own-label standard milk.

    Steve Newbould, head of trading for dairy at Morrisons, said: “Some customers want to pay more to support dairy farmers and when we listen carefully, some also say they also want to buy milk from cows that have been let out to grass.”

    Tomas Pietrangeli, Arla UK's managing director, said: "As a farmer-owned business we are committed to delivering high welfare standards so it’s fantastic to see a retailer driving forward value for our farmers through the Milk for Farmers initiative.”