This year’s farm infrastructure Focus highlights popular investments farmers are making on their holdings. Underpasses are continually increasing in popularity which is not surprising given all the advantages they can bring to a busy dairy farm.

William Conlon looks at a newly installed underpass in the Salesian Agricultural College in Pallaskenry, Co Limerick, with a full breakdown of the costs involved.

Another area that is beginning to gain traction on dairy farms is the creation of improved surfaces on laneways used for cows. This is becoming more important now as cows are expected to walk greater distances as a result of expansion. One way farmers are trying to achieve improved cow comfort on lanes is the use of astro tracking, which is claimed to reduce lameness issues.

We also take a look at a Kilkenny dairy farm that recently installed astro tracking and find out what is involved in the installation and the cost.

To run a sheep enterprise to a high standard, proper fencing is a must. Sheep farmers have the opportunity to apply for grant aid to erect fencing through the Targeted, Agricultural, Modernisation, Scheme (TAMS) II. This scheme is open until the end of 2020. We look at the main types of fencing covered in the scheme and outline some top tips when making an application through TAMS for fencing.

Finally, the Safe Family Farms page sponsored by ESB Networks highlights a CPR training programme which aims to provide training to farmers and the public in locations nationwide. This type of training is invaluable in times of crisis and every farmer should consider taking it.