Greater scrutiny being placed on farm investments
Darren Carty
With higher spending being apportioned to rising input costs such as fertiliser and feed, farmers are putting more consideration into investment in farm infrastructure.
20 April 2022 Dealer
Department building data centre
The Department of Agriculture has committed to progressing the build of its data centre in Kildare in 2022.
11 April 2022 News
€128m worth of TAMS cash yet to be drawn down by farmers
Recent figures released by the Department show that significant funds approved for spending have yet to be utilised by farmers approved for investments.
Glanbia food inflation headwinds tame share price
Glanbia plc announced full year 2021 financial results last week and since then the share price has fallen 15% - why is this?
9 March 2022 Company finances
Tyre prices soar by up to 28% over the past 12 months
With tyre prices soaring by up to 28% in the past 12 months, Peter Thomas Keaveney and Gary Abbott take a look at what’s driving the price hikes and how much extra it’s costing the end-user.
9 February 2022 News
New €90m fund available to food and agri-tech start-ups
A new fund launched by Government will target and prioritise investment in areas such as regional development, climate change and female entrepreneurship.
9 February 2022 News
European Commission has six months to approve CAP plans
A number of public consultations on CAP took place in 2021.
5 January 2022 Community
Money Mentor - The Climate Action Plan involves many finance actions
The latest installment of our Climate Conversations series sees our Money Mentor Margaret Nolan discuss the costs and financial issues surrounding the proposed Climate Action Plan.
29 December 2021 Money Mentor
Watch: father and son operation cultivates a better future
Maurice Cogan and his son Robert had been beef and tillage farming for many years, but when they started to plan for the future they realised that dairy farming was where they wanted to take the farm.
Dairy Management: soil and slurry sampling
Soil sampling should be carried out through December and January to make better decisions around slurry and compound fertiliser.
1 December 2021 Management
Hiring v buying – what suits your situation?
Peter Thomas Keaveney and Gary Abbott crunch the numbers on whether hiring or buying a new tractor is the better option for Irish farmers.
24 November 2021 Tractors
Letter from farmer disappointed by allocation from Glanbia reserve pool
‘I was told that I should be grateful for what I got.’Name & details with the Editor
6 October 2021 Letters