It's been a busy time on Andrew Mulhare's farm outside Ballybrittas, Co Laois. Cows and bull calves were being moved last week. Andrew was also busy sowing Geraldine spring barley into some ground that was sprayed off in early March and was only dry enough to sow last week. SCEP and single farm payments have also been submitted.

Andrew was also busy putting the final spray on Tardis winter barley, and moved on to spray spring malting barley and spring beans after that.

The farm pond on Martin Crowe's farm is will become a hive of activity for wildlife as the summer begins.

Gareth Culligan is monitoring a trial he has set up on his farm in Stabannon, Co Louth. The winter barley on the right hand side is a plot that has had no glyphosphate pre-drilling but got the same treatment as the rest of the field otherwise. The difference in the two plots shows the importance of glyphosphate.

Ciara Kinsella and her husband Liam are busy as bees extracting honey from supers on Tykillen Farm, Co Wexford.

A local beekeeper has moved in five new hives on to Pádraig Connery's farm outside Villierstown, Co Waterford. Isabel winter oats are also due their final fungicide this week, and Pádraig is also busy getting ready for reseeding this week. Pádraig is putting in a red clover silage sward.