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In pictures: hive of activity across the Footprint Farms as the weather improves
Ellen Durkin
Sunny spells across the Footprint Farms have meant crops have got their final fungicide, as well as single farm payments and SCEP applications being submitted.
Installing owl boxes in Co Waterford
Footprint Farmer Pádraig Connery has put up a couple of owl boxes on his farm in the past couple of weeks.
Feeding 72% DMD silage instead of 67% DMD could save 1kg of meal a day – Teagasc
If a farmer was feeding 50 weanlings over 140 days, this would save seven tonnes of ration.
Plant counts at 280-290/m2 in Waterford
Spring crops are doing well, despite a late start on Pádraig Connery's farm in Villierstown.
In the fields: winter crops making good progress
Winter crops are progressing well on the Footprint farms, with barley needing no fungicide on Gareth Culligan's farm in Co Louth.
Every additional week at grass reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 1% - Teagasc
Teagasc has outlined how farmers can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by improving animal performance.
Breeding season in full swing in Limerick
Footprint Farmer Martin Crowe was five days into the second round of the breeding season on his farm in Carrigmore when we caught up with him last week.
Sustainability in the summer time – the importance of biodiversity
Research has shown that pollinator activity has the potential to boost oilseed rape yields by approximately 30%.
Sowing red clover silage swards in Tipperary
Sowing a silage mix with red clover included will suit silage fields, as it lowers chemical N costs, can increase intake and performance and also reduces greenhouse gas and ammonia emissions.
Keeping social sustainability in mind during summertime
Summer is a busy time for farms across the country, but farmers need to keep mindful of farm safety.
5 May 2023 Farm safety
How biodiverse are the Footprint Farms?
Biodiversity scoring across the farm showed a mix of results across the sectors.
Replacing CAN and urea with protected urea can reduce GHGs by 71% - Teagasc
Improving soil fertility, using LESS and incorporating clover allows farmers to cut bagged nitrogen without losing yield.