Grass growth is well above our demand of 66kg and will probably mean we will have to take corrective action again in taking out strong paddocks for bales if this growth continues.

Current stocking rate on the grazing area is 3,313kg/LW/ha or 4.63LU /ha and there are 11 days ahead of stock at the moment.


Eighteen acres were taken out last week, mowed on Tuesday and baled on Thursday. It yielded 65 bales which was 3.6 bales/acre. This will be fed back to our bulls under 16 months during the winter and should help to reduce concentrate input by feeding what will hopefully be 75 DMD + silage.

We mowed another four acres on Tuesday 30 for baling on Wednesday 30 May.


Four acres were reseeded last Friday with a 50:50 mix of Abergain and Aberchoice along with 1kg/acre of Aberherald clover. This also got 2.5 bags/acre of 0:7:30.

Young stock

Forty-one dairy X calves have been turned outdoors on grass and weaned fully off milk. They will continue to be fed 1kg head/day of a 14% ration.


So far, we have had a low level of repeats. We plan to scan on 22 June to determine conception rate to the three weeks of AI. Reseeds have been sprayed for thistles with Pastor Trio and we have achieved a good kill.

Spear thistles in a new reseed were sprayed last week and have started to die off

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