Beating the winter performance woes
Declan Marren
The first winter period is often where stock fall behind target which can result in a delayed slaughter date. Declan Marren writes.
27 April 2022 Management
Coming to terms with escalating input costs
The majority of farmers are not in a position to purchase similar volumes of fertiliser and with concentrate costs also increasing options are limited.
15 March 2022 Management
Is reducing silage fertiliser cost-effective?
Farm finances are being crippled by higher fertiliser costs. But is it cost-effective to reduce silage fertiliser rates? Kieran Mailey reports.
Grass+ Beef: difficult conditions leave silage ground dilemma
With a lot of grass on built up on farms over the winter, silage ground needs grazing before closing in many instances.
15 March 2022 Grass & feeding
Tullamore Farm: heavy rainfall delays thoughts of turnout
A week of heavy rainfall on Tullamore Farm has pushed turnout date for another 10 days at least.
18 February 2022 News