I’ve come to the conclusion Darwin’s theory of evolution is a load of cobblers when it comes to Jack Russell terriers. I’ll remind you of the gist of his theory, in case you were canoodling at the back of the sixth form biology class. Darwin’s theory is that it’s survival of the fittest which continually evolve to acclimatise to changing circumstances. Those plants and animals (or even people) which fail to adapt die out. I saw a good example of this on television recently.

Idly I chanced upon a programme about Ibex goats. These incredible animals give birth to their young at the top of the steepest mountains. With sheer rock faces that are practically vertical, these goats defy gravity as they jump from tiny ledge to ledge. Think Billy Goats Gruff scaling the Cliffs of Moher. Once they reach the top, they give birth in complete safety – there’s nothing else up there.