Home Farm: beef weakens and first steps for harvest
Matt Dempsey
Hopefully the bulk of the winter barley will meet the specifications without any pre-harvest treatment.
10 July 2024 Husbandry
Tillage Management: harvest, whole crop and assessing crops
As harvest approaches for many farmers, it is important to be prepared and also to assess crop performance.
10 July 2024 News
Winter cereal area falls by 30% - Department
Overall, the country’s tillage area is back 1% to 334,450ha in 2024.
Recommended lists for oilseed rape out
The 2024 recommended list for oilseed rape was published by the Department of Agriculture recently.
7 July 2024 News
Grain Trends: oilseed rape jumps as production estimated down
Markets were more positive this week, with wheat relatively stable and oilseed rape climbing higher due to expected declines in production.
3 July 2024 Markets
Tillage Management: glyphosate rules, oilseed rape and harvest
Harvest is almost upon many tillage farmers. Weather into next week looks showery for cutting early ripening crops of winter barley.
3 July 2024 Husbandry
Grain Trends: prices remain negative
Grain prices did not show any signs of improvement this week, with no news to lift them. This was reflected in prices here.
26 June 2024 Markets
Grain Trends: markets flop as barley goes to €180/t
Grain markets did not bring any good news for farmers this week, as prices fell across grains and oilseed markets.
19 June 2024 Markets
Grain trends: wheat drops and recovers, is high gone for now?
Grain markets are moving up and down a lot at the minute. This week the overall trend was down.
12 June 2024 Markets
Grain Trends: slight decline in wheat this week
There was a slight decline in wheat prices this week, while oilseed rape prices fell significantly on the French market.
5 June 2024 Markets
Tillage Podcast: hear the Irish promoting canola in Kentucky
On this week’s show, we hear from an Irish business making canola famous in the US, have a fieldwork update and have the grain market and weather reports.
30 May 2024 News
US crops report: farmers continue to plant
Farmers in the United States are busy planting corn and soybeans at present, with some areas further along than others.
28 May 2024 News