The Irish Farmers Association (IFA) has urged farmers to make an enduring power of attorney (EPA) and described it as the “best step to safeguard your important future decisions”.

IFA farm family and social affairs chair Alice Doyle made the call for farmers to organise an EPA in support of Safeguarding Ireland’s public awareness campaign.

Doyle described how “putting in place an enduring power of attorney” will provide “peace of mind for you and clarity for your family”.

The purpose of an EPA is to appoint a person (an attorney) to look after your financial and/or personal affairs in the event that you no longer have the mental capacity to do so yourself.


Safeguarding Ireland is leading a public awareness campaign to encourage all adults in Ireland to make an EPA.

The campaign runs this week from 12–17 September. The IFA is one of the organisations represented on the National Safeguarding Advisory Committee.

“Planning ahead against future misuse of your money, property or welfare is so important to safeguard your future. An EPA is recommended for all adults and it is never too early to put one in place," Doyle said.

Research commissioned by Safeguarding Ireland and carried out by Red C on a representative sample of 1,000 Irish adults found that just 6% have an EPA, compared with the 30% to 40% typically seen in other European countries.

‘Thought and discussion’

The IFA farm family and social affairs chair acknowledged that “putting in place an EPA can be challenging and requires thought and discussion with those you trust”.

However, she described it as a “very important legal document to safeguard your financial, property and personal welfare decisions if in the future you no longer have decision-making capacity”.