Gardaí in Westmeath seize tractor driven by 14-year-old
Rachel Donovan
Gardaí said proceedings will now follow for both the teenager driving and their father.
15 May 2024 News
Cork farmer Michael Scully wins appeal over €6.3m judgement
In June of 2021, the Warsaw Court of Appeal found that Scully had wrongfully and without authority purported to enter into agreements on behalf of Coucal.shareholders.
15 May 2024 Consumer
Legal: how to save money when transferring land
When transferring land, be smart about structuring the transfer to maximise tax incentives such as stamp duty relief and gift tax, writes Aisling Meehan.
Solar farm developers eye up 200ac land parcels
Solid legal advice is key to farmers getting watertight lease agreements with solar developers, a Teagasc energy expert stated.
24 April 2024 Renewables
Magnier’s request for further Barne documents ‘not a fishing expedition’
The legal team of Coolmore-boss John Magnier has been granted access to documents and communications relating to Barne Estate’s discussions on disposing the estate up to 1 December 2023.
9 April 2024 News
Legal action against poultry firm in Britain
Avara Foods has had legal action taken over pollution of a major rive in south west Britain
20 March 2024 Northern Ireland
‘Huge appetite’ among farmers for legally binding pre-nups
Agricultural solicitor Aisling Meehan said there is a “huge appetite” among farmers to strengthen the legal position of pre-nuptial agreements.
20 March 2024 News
Legal: ‘my neighbour won’t do anything about his defective sewerage tank’
What to do when a neighbour’s sewerage tank is impacting your health? Aisling Meehan has this advice.
20 March 2024 Consumer
Legal: ‘do my neighbours have a duty to clean out drains?’
A drain pipe running onto his neighbour’s land is causing one farmer much distress, writes Aisling Meehan.
6 March 2024 News
ICMSA calls for ‘durable relationship’ clarity ahead of referendum
Fears that absence of a definition on what could constitute a 'durable relationship' will have implications for farm transfers after a farmer dies.
27 February 2024 News
Battery storage – the most valuable lease in Ireland?
The rollout of large-scale, grid-connected battery storage systems, which require around four to five acres, are proving to be a profitable land lease option for farmers.
21 February 2024 Renewables
Potato farmer to pay €88,000 for spray drift damage to Dublin orchard
The High Court heard that the apple grower suffered losses in revenue when they were forced to sell the apples for processing as a result of damage, rather than in retail.
9 February 2024 News