The Irish Farmers' Association (IFA) election results are hot off the press, with five new chairs elected for various committees.

The new chairs come from a spread of counties, including Tipperary, Wexford, Galway and Cork.

THey are as follows:

  • TJ Maher: animal health committee.
  • Alice Doyle: farm family committee.
  • Cáillin Conneelly: hill committee.
  • Nigel Sweetman: poultry committee.
  • Sean Ryan: potato committee.
  • TJ Maher from south Tipperary takes over from Pat Farrell as chair of the IFA animal health committee. TJ has served as vice-chair of the animal committee previously.

    Alice Doyle has been elected chair of the farm family committee. From Wexford, she succeeds Caroline Farrell, who has completed her term.

    The new chair of the IFA hill committee is Cáillin Conneelly from Connemara, Co Galway. He replaces Flor McCarthy.

    Nigel Sweetman from Cork central IFA has been elected chair of the poultry committee, succeeding Andy Boylan.

    The IFA potato committee has elected Sean Ryan from Wexford as the next chair. He will succeed Thomas McKeown, whose four-year term will expire at the annual general meeting which takes place later in the month.

    IFA national returning officer Martin Stapleton notified each committee at their online meetings on Thursday.

    Three more election results - for the sheep, grain and forestry committees - are to be announced on Friday 14 January.

    Each of the new chairs will take up their roles at the AGM.