I come from the east coast of Canada - aka, the lobster capital of the world. I usually wait until I go home for a visit to indulge in a lobster feed - it's easier to get lobster there than in Tipperary, and it's not as expensive if you're visiting during lobster season (May to the end of July). The pandemic has made lots of food businesses shift to online sales, though, and seafood has been no different. You can now get beautifully fresh, sustainably sourced seafood delivered right to your door - even live lobster!

I recently purchased some seafood online at SSI (Sustainable Seafood Ireland, sustainableseafood.ie), but you can also get seafood delivered from Gannet Fishmongers in Galway (eatmorefish.ie). Some of the seafood I grew up eating on the shores of Cape Breton island would include fresh Atlantic lobster, snow crab, mussels, oysters, haddock and big Digby scallops. Today, I'm sharing a how-to on steaming whole, live lobster, de-shelling and a recipe for a from-scratch lobster roll. I'm also sharing a favourite preparation for fresh haddock, which is fried in an egg batter. Preparing seafood sometimes takes a bit of planning, but it's never overly complicated. Happy cooking!