Easter food news: super new tastes
Ilka Denker
From sensational sardines to Avoca's new range of coffee and rare whiskey, Irish producers are launching some interesting new products, writes Ilka Denker
19 January 2022 Neven
Neven Maguire: trout and about
Fish is so quick and easy to cook, and we are lucky enough to have an abundance of it here on this island of ours, writes Neven Maguire.
22 September 2021 Neven
Neven Maguire: brain food
Ireland's natural landscape has the ideal conditions to produce the best salmon. Neven Maguire has two recipes to celebrate that.
Japanese-inspired eats: spicy tuna rolls
Janine Kennedy continues her quest to make Japanese foods at her home in rural Ireland.
11 August 2021 Recipes
Farming a naturally occurring process: Blackshell Farm rope grown mussels
Blackshell Farm is a rope mussel farm, in Clew Bay, Co Mayo. These tasty morsels are also considered Ireland’s most sustainable type of seafood, writes Janine Kennedy.
21 July 2021 Features
Neven Maguire: somethin’ fishy
Fish has become more and more popular over the years, and with it now available to order to your door, it has never been easier to learn how to make a tasty fish dinner. Neven Maguire writes
18 November 2020 Neven
Neven Maguire: delights from the sea
We have so much great seafood available to us in Ireland, writes Neven Maguire. These fishy recipes are sure to please the whole family.
22 July 2020 Neven
From the sea to your plate
Preparing fresh Irish seafood for dinner can be as easy or complicated as you choose, writes Janine Kennedy.
23 June 2020 Recipes
Watch – Kids in the Kitchen: Raine 'perfects' Neven’s homemade fish cakes
Raine McKeever (six) tries out Neven’s fish fingers recipe from this week’s paper and the whole family were delighted with the end result.
8 May 2020 Recipes
Home Nurse: flu recovery recipes
With very many people, having had the flu this winter, our Home Nurse Nessa has home recipes that will help you get back in tip-top shape
5 February 2020 Recipes
Listen: ‘The tug is the drug’
Former fly fishing world champion, Glenda Powell, is a guide and tutor for fishing fanatics from all over the world. She talks to Irish Country Living about the comforting nature of the river
8 January 2020 Features
Farming for the future at Malin Head
As Ireland’s most northerly point, Malin Head is a key stop on the Wild Atlantic Way, with over 172,000 visitors recorded in 2018. Odile Evans meets the people that live and farm there.
25 September 2019 Features