It might be 2025 before the new Glanbia cheese plant, in partnership with Dutch company Royal A-ware, at Belview is up and going.

Speaking at the Glanbia Co-op AGM, CEO Jim Bergin said if the green light is available soon then 2024 might be realistic but, if the green light is delayed Glanbia will be looking at 2025 before it’s operational.

“We passionately believe in this project and are committed to bringing it to fruition in conjunction with our joint venture partner, Royal A-ware. They are an excellent partner for this project, bringing continental cheese production expertise and global routes to market.”

The meeting also heard the co-op board has recently decided to commence a strategic review process.

Chair John Murphy said: “This will allow us to consider future strategy options for the co-op, given our strong asset base, income stream and the evolving needs of our members.” The society board recently decided to progressively reduce the number of co-op directors on the plc board from seven down to three by June 2023, at which point the chair and two vice-chairs of the co-op will be the nominees to the plc board.

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