Glanbia is optimistic for gluten-free oats (GFO) production this year. “New varieties are on the horizon, and the international market is very promising,” a spokesperson said.

“Our customers are looking at a broader set of products, from oat cereals to bars and drinks, and now oat burgers, it’s all evolving.”

In 2021, 1,000ha of GFO were grown for Glanbia, two-thirds of that being higher-yielding winter oats.

The crop was grown across a broad area, from Wexford to Meath, last year.

The need to transport directly from the field to the intake point in Kildare has presented logistical challenges, and the intention is to concentrate growers in the catchment area, but current market prospects may mean opportunities for growers to plant spring crop.

A premium of €40/t for Barra and €30/t for Isabel is being paid.