Grass+: into winter-mode as grazing winds up
With grass covers running out on farms now, attention is now turning to silage feeding and not grass growth from now on.
Tullamore Farm: finding fields for slurry a difficult task
With very strong grass growth over winter months, there have been issues finding bare paddocks for slurry. On Tullamore Farm Woods looked at splash plate application v trailing shoe application.
Taking advantage of good ground conditions in Newford Farm
Slurry was piped out with an umbilical system and applied with a trailing shoe on Thursday with ground in excellent condition for the time of year.
Tullamore Farm: animal health review
Beef editor Adam Woods and Journal Vet Tommy Heffernan sat down with farm manager Shaun Diver last week to review the health plan on Tullamore Farm and put plans in place for calving.