Dairy management: mixed weather in store for the week
Aidan Brennan
The forecast is for dry conditions to last until Wednesday but for showery and wintery weather to take hold later in the week.
24 February 2024 Grass & feeding
Grass Week: heavy rain makes hitting February grazing targets a headache
Ground conditions mean that many farmers are not getting out to grass as much as they would like to hit the 30% of the platform grazed by the end of February.
21 February 2024 Grass & feeding
Ground conditions fail to give the green light to grazing
Poor ground conditions across the country have led to little to no beef stock being able to hit grass, as pressure on slurry storage increases.
Tricky conditions lead to bumpy start to grazing
Where herds have been able to get out, it’s been a difficult start to the grazing season, but there’s little point in getting excited just yet.
10 February 2024 Grass & feeding
Dairy Management: tricky grazing and fat cows
Aidan Brennan works out how to allocate grass in springtime to freshly calved cows.
7 February 2024 Management
Home Farm: Slurry and daffodils
Drainage - a year like this throws up evidence of where the problems are.
7 February 2024 Viewpoints
Beef management: straw supplies, hygiene at calving and managing slurry
Martin Merrick looks at what to do with stretching out tight straw supplies, hygiene at calving and the managing slurry as tanks begin to fill.
31 January 2024 Management
Five tips for early season slurry
Where farmers have plans to get early slurry onto grassland this spring, outlined are five things to keep in mind.
13 January 2024 Management
Trailing shoes - what options are available on the Irish market?
Gary Abbott and Peter Thomas Keaveney look in depth at the slurry tanker-mounted trailing shoes systems available on the Irish market.
10 January 2024 Slurry
Dairy Management: preparing for calving
Aidan Brennan has some advice for farmers on how to get through and how to prepare for the busy spring period.
10 January 2024 Management
Grant supports for old houses
It is estimated that over 80,000 properties are lying vacant, and so the Vacant Home Renovation Grant is the perfect solution to restore these properties and allow people to join the housing market.
10 January 2024 Viewpoints
New slurry spreading rules for farms stocked above 130kg N/ha
From 1 January 2024 farmers with a grassland stocking rate above 130kg organic nitrogen per hectare are obliged to apply all slurry with low-emission slurry-spreading equipment.
3 January 2024 News