Herdwatch has announced the acquisition of Bullmatch, a bull selection software tool created by Co Clare pedigree Limousin breeders Brian and Teresa Kelly.

The Bullmatch technology allows farmers to select one or more characteristics they look for in a calf, eg a star or EBI rating. A computer algorithm instantly suggests a list of bulls to achieve this result with the selected cows.

Farmers using Herdwatch will have access to the bull matching service at no extra cost

The company describes the service as "Tinder for bulls", claiming it can save farmers hours researching and matching each individual cow to the best bull, and ensure the best chance of achieving the full genetic potential of their breeding herd.

Herdwatch and Bullmatch teams will now work together to integrate this technology into Herdwatch's existing herd management app in the coming months.

They will also expand Bullmatch's current beef capability to dairy herds and roll it out in the UK.

Farmers using Herdwatch will then have access to the bull matching service at no extra cost, a company spokesperson told the Irish Farmers Journal.

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